Courses for Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Smart Cities (COMING SOON)

The future of urban environments

AI & Machine Learning, Internet of Things

IIoT Applications for Machine Learning

Karla Yale, Randy Barnes

Learn the elements of a robust IIoT control system through applications.

Internet of Things, Automation

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Mats Samuelsson

IoT Concepts, Definitions, Technologies and Implementations

Internet of Things, Business, AI & Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data

Blue Prism - Robotics Process Automation

Dhinagaran A

In this Foundation Course, users will understand features of the Blue Prism, a best practice used in the development cycle and also help to find suitable candidates for RPA which in return will help you to save cost and time. So that users can spend their valuable time in a productive task instead of spending on repeated mundane tasks.

Internet of Things

Things, Controllers and Device Technologies in Smart Manufacturing

Mats Samuelsson

Understanding Smart Manufacturing Device Technologies

Internet of Things, Healthcare & Life Sciences

IoT for Implementation Teams

Mats Samuelsson

Fast paced 'how to' course for 3-5 person IoT business implementation teams

Internet of Things

Use Cases for Smart Manufacturing

Mats Samuelsson

11 Real current use cases of Smart Manufacturing from around the world.

Internet of Things

Smart Manufacturing: The Connected Factory

Su Doyle

How IoT sensors transform assembly, asset management & aftermarket processes

Internet of Things, For Executives and Managers

IoT for Executives

Mats Samuelsson

Fast paced 1 day deep dive into the Internet of Things for business executives

Internet of Things

Internet of Things: Opportunities & Implementation Workshop

Ajay Bhargava, Mats Samuelsson

3 Day corporate seminars on how to implement IoT in your business.

Internet of Things

IoT Messaging with MQTT, CoAP

Dr. Pedram Radman

IoT Application protocols

Internet of Things

Securing Enterprise Internet of Things Implementations

Brian Russell, Drew Van Duren

Life Cycle Cyber Security Management for Connected Systems and Devices

Internet of Things

Risk Management and Compliance for IoT Solutions

Mohamed Atef

The Fundamentals of IoT Solutions, Risk and Regulations.

Automation, Internet of Things, Robotics

Introduction to IoT


Get an effective introduction to IoT!

Internet of Things

Analytics for the Internet of Things

Dr. Vishnu Nanduri

Learn how to apply basic analytical methods to IoT Data

Internet of Things

Cyber Security for the IoT

Douglas Humphrey

A first of its kind power packed step-by-step approach for securing the IoT

Big Data, Data Science / Data Mining, Internet of Things

Welcome to Microsoft Azure for Data Bricks Training Big Data and Data Science

Jeffrey Lipkowitz

How to leverage spark for streaming and machine learning use cases.

Internet of Things, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Cyber Security for Connected Healthcare

Anand Vemula

This course provides details of security implementation for connected healthcare

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