Courses for Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance)

Analytics, For Executives and Managers, Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance)

Insurance Analytics Training

Ajay Bhargava

Learn how Analytics can derive value for Property(Home) & Casualty(Auto) Insurer

Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance), Blockchain, For Executives and Managers

Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

Prabhu Eshwarla

Core technical principles and concepts underpinning blockchain technologies

Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance), AI & Machine Learning

Quantitative Trading with Python

Harshit Tyagi

Get started with quantitative analysis to develop & backtest trading strategies.

Blockchain, Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance), For Executives and Managers

Blockchain for Finance Professionals

Peter Mikkelsen, -

How blockchain is disrupting and revolutionizing the financial industry

Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance)

Financial Derivatives

Fredrick Michael

The course presents in detail the traditional and modern sophisticated derivations, techniques and computing methods utilized to mathematically describe & quantify, which are furthermore used to successfully apply trading of these financial instruments.

Analytics, Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance)

Sales Forecasting

Madhu Bhaita

This course will help you understand what sales forecasting is and how to select the right forecasting techniques.

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