Big Data Courses

Big Data, AI & Machine Learning

Deep Learning with R

Ugonna Alinnor

Learn how to develop and apply your own deep neural networks to solve problems like Speech recognition, drug discovery, breast cancer detection, and more.

Big Data

Comprehensive Pig

Ellie Ordway

An In-depth Training for Apache Pig

Robotics, Internet of Things, Business, Big Data, AI & Machine Learning

Blue Prism - Robotics Process Automation

Dhinagaran A

In this Foundation Course, users will understand features of the Blue Prism, a best practice used in the development cycle and also help to find suitable candidates for RPA which in return will help you to save cost and time. So that users can spend their valuable time in a productive task instead of spending on repeated mundane tasks.

Big Data

Getting Started with Apache Cassandra

Aaron Ploetz

Learn how to work with Apache Cassandra

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Knowledge and Reasoning

Dr. Rebecca Wooten

Logic and Applications

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data

Data Pre-Processing

Dr. Rich Huebner

Tidy Your Data Before Using It in Machine Learning Algorithms

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data

Data Curation for Decision Making

Douglas Clark

The Foundation for Data Driven Decision Making

Retail, Data Visualization Training, Marketing, Big Data

Tableau 10 Desktop Training

Robert Davis

Beginner to expert Tableau Desktop training - learn to create visualizations

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

Kasra Manshaei

This course will give the students a comprehensive overview on Feature Engineering strategies, a practical hands-on style of learning for theoretical concepts, a rich and comprehensive introduction to proper references including literature, keywords and notable related scientists to follow, and explore pros & cons and hidden tips on algorithms in practice.

Big Data

Apache Spark SQL

Dr. Mark Plutowski

Create, run, and tune Spark SQL applications, end-to-end. Projects included

Big Data

An Introduction to neo4j

Esteve Serra Clavera

Get rolling fast with the leading application on graph database technology:neo4j

Big Data, Automation

Introduction to Big Data & Cloud


Get a comprehensive introduction to Big Data & Cloud!

Business Intelligence, Big Data

Enterprise Data Architecture Strategy - Build a Metadata Repository

Dan Grijzenhout

Learn Why and How to Build a Meta Data Repository for Your Corporation

Big Data

How to Build a Full Ingestion Pipeline Using Apache NiFi?

Adela Muresan

Move data smoothly using NiFi!

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, For Executives and Managers

AI for Executives

Dr. Kevin Hill

How AI Will Change Your Business

Data Science / Data Mining, Big Data

Clustering and Association Rule Mining

Anirban Ghosh

Learn Clustering methods and Association Rule Mining Techniques

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Introduction to Deep Learning

Dr Anne Hsu

Make sense of the models behind the AI revolution.

Big Data

Adopting Hadoop for the Enterprise: From Strategy to Roadmap

Craig Jordan

How to make Hadoop a core of your enterprise information architecture.

Big Data

Why Big Data is so important today?

Abdallah Bari

Big Data is a game-changing opportunity today with unprecedented challenges

Big Data

Hadoop Developer Training

Matt Pouttu Clarke

MapReduce, HDFS, YARN, Hive, Pig, Scoop, Flume, and Drill plus advanced topics

Big Data

Apache HBase Crash Course - Quick Tutorial

Krishna Venkatrama

Get an introduction to HBase with our quick tutorial.

Big Data, AI & Machine Learning

Problem Solving with Artificial Intelligence

Briana Brownell

Students will learn problem-solving techniques using AI search factors.

Big Data

Real Time Big Data Streaming on Apache Storm - Beginner to Advanced

Ganapathi Devappa

Develop distributed stream processing applications using Apache Storm

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Machine Learning in AI

Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Cheema

6 hours of content geared towards explaining Machine Learning in AI

Big Data

Apache Hive Crash Course - Quick Tutorial

Krishna Venkatrama

Get an introduction to Hive with our quick tutorial.

Big Data, Data Science / Data Mining, Internet of Things

Welcome to Microsoft Azure for Data Bricks Training Big Data and Data Science

Jeffrey Lipkowitz

How to leverage spark for streaming and machine learning use cases.

Big Data, For Executives and Managers

Big Data - What Every Manager Needs to Know

Sandra Hendren

Foundational knowledge of big data for executives from the former Chief Data and Analytics Strategist of UnitedHealth Group.

Big Data

Big Data Analyst

Sumit Pal

Master the skills necessary to build a career in Big Data.

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