Big Data Courses

Big Data, For Executives and Managers

Big Data - What Every Manager Needs to Know

Sandra Hendren

Foundational knowledge of big data for executives from the former Chief Data and Analytics Strategist of UnitedHealth Group.

Big Data

Adopting Hadoop for the Enterprise: From Strategy to Roadmap

Craig Jordan

How to make Hadoop a core of your enterprise information architecture.

Big Data

Why Big Data is so important today?

Abdallah Bari

Big Data is a game-changing opportunity today with unprecedented challenges

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data

Data Curation for Decision Making

Douglas Clark

The Foundation for Data Driven Decision Making

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, For Executives and Managers

AI for Executives

Dr. Kevin Hill

How AI Will Change Your Business

Big Data, Automation

Introduction to Big Data & Cloud


Get a comprehensive introduction to Big Data & Cloud!

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