Big Data Courses

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data

Data Curation for Decision Making

Douglas Clark

The Foundation for Data Driven Decision Making

Automation, Big Data

Introduction to Big Data & Cloud


Get a comprehensive introduction to Big Data & Cloud!

Big Data, For Executives and Managers, AI & Machine Learning

AI for Executives

Dr. Kevin Hill

How AI Will Change Your Business

Big Data

Adopting Hadoop for the Enterprise: From Strategy to Roadmap

Craig Jordan

How to make Hadoop a core of your enterprise information architecture.

Big Data

Why Big Data is so important today?

Abdallah Bari

Big Data is a game-changing opportunity today with unprecedented challenges

Big Data, For Executives and Managers

Big Data - What Every Manager Needs to Know

Sandra Hendren

Foundational knowledge of big data for executives from the former Chief Data and Analytics Strategist of UnitedHealth Group.

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