Courses for AI & Machine Learning

Big Data, AI & Machine Learning

Deep Learning with R

Ugonna Alinnor

Learn how to develop and apply your own deep neural networks to solve problems like Speech recognition, drug discovery, breast cancer detection, and more.

AI & Machine Learning, For Executives and Managers

AI for Insurance Executives

Paul Warren

Why and how to incorporate AI into your insurance business

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

Supervised Learning: Classification

Dr. Rukmini Vijaykumar

Classification Methods, Algorithms and Tools

AI & Machine Learning, Internet of Things

IIoT Applications for Machine Learning

Karla Yale, Randy Barnes

Learn the elements of a robust IIoT control system through applications.

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

Classification Models

Saed Sayad

How to use classification algorithms to solve real world problems.

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

Object Oriented Python/Performance Optimization

David Sanchez

Learn object oriented design patterns and strategies for optimizing performance.

Internet of Things, Business, AI & Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data

Blue Prism - Robotics Process Automation

Dhinagaran A

In this Foundation Course, users will understand features of the Blue Prism, a best practice used in the development cycle and also help to find suitable candidates for RPA which in return will help you to save cost and time. So that users can spend their valuable time in a productive task instead of spending on repeated mundane tasks.

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Knowledge and Reasoning

Dr. Rebecca Wooten

Logic and Applications

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

Introduction to Python

Veysel Kocaman

Learn the most popular programming language of Data Science community

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data

Data Pre-Processing

Dr. Rich Huebner

Tidy Your Data Before Using It in Machine Learning Algorithms

AI & Machine Learning

Recurrent and Recursive Networks

Halima Ramdani

Learn how to implement Recurrent Neural Networks!

AI & Machine Learning, Analytics

Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

Dr. Larry Bookman

How your organization can benefit from machine learning and predictive analytics

AI & Machine Learning

Feedforward Neural Networks

Arish Ali

Neural Network, Deep Learning, and Tools. In this course, you will be introduced to neural networks and its broad application.

AI & Machine Learning

Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence

Andreas Haja

Learn how to take informed decisions based on probabilities and expert knowledge

Robotics, AI & Machine Learning

Robotics Application Machine Learning

Karla Yale, Randy Barnes

Obtain the real time data exchange from the robot sensors for training AI.

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

Kasra Manshaei

This course will give the students a comprehensive overview on Feature Engineering strategies, a practical hands-on style of learning for theoretical concepts, a rich and comprehensive introduction to proper references including literature, keywords and notable related scientists to follow, and explore pros & cons and hidden tips on algorithms in practice.

Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance), AI & Machine Learning

Quantitative Trading with Python

Harshit Tyagi

Get started with quantitative analysis to develop & backtest trading strategies.

AI & Machine Learning, Automation

An Introduction to Machine Learning

Dr. Rebecca Wooten

Inventory and Assets Management, Advertising Targeting and Product Pricing. Machine Learning Algorithms

AI & Machine Learning, Business

Hands-on Project - Data Preparation, Modeling & Visualization

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Hands-on Projects, Including Data Preparation, Modeling & Visualization Tasks.

AI & Machine Learning

The Wumpus World Challenge

Dr. Rebecca Wooten

This course covers the Capstone Project for the AI Track.

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

LASSO and Ridge Regression

Josh Browning

Penalized regression models and their improvements to traditional regression.

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, For Executives and Managers

AI for Executives

Dr. Kevin Hill

How AI Will Change Your Business

AI & Machine Learning, Robotics

Supervised Learning - Linear Regression in Python

Charles Arthur

Modeling linear data with statistics and Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Model Tuning for Machine Learning

Benjamin Holmes

Learn how to make sure you are getting the best predictions your model can provide.

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Introduction to Deep Learning

Dr Anne Hsu

Make sense of the models behind the AI revolution.

Healthcare & Life Sciences, AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning Assisted Clinical Medicine

Damiano Fantini

Analyze Clinical and Biomedical Data Using R and Data Mining / Machine Learning

Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Predicting Sports Outcomes Using Python and Machine Learning

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Sports betting and web crawling using Python and machine learning

AI & Machine Learning

Model Assessment in Machine Learning

David Sanchez

Methods for Evaluating Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Models

AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Executives


An introductory course on Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement learning, and machine learning applications.

Big Data, AI & Machine Learning

Problem Solving with Artificial Intelligence

Briana Brownell

Students will learn problem-solving techniques using AI search factors.

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Machine Learning in AI

Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Cheema

6 hours of content geared towards explaining Machine Learning in AI

AI & Machine Learning

Graph Models for Deep Learning

Dr. Stephen Huff

An executive review of hot technology

AI & Machine Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning


Get introduced to Deep Learning and learn history of Deep Learning.

AI & Machine Learning

Introduction to AI


Artificial Intelligence Learning Approaches, Tools, Problems, and Applications.

AI & Machine Learning

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Learn what exactly AI is, what are its different facets.

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