How It Works



If you possess deep expertise that would be useful to data scientists, engineers or executives, apply to join our training platform.



Propose a course within an existing track or propose a new track altogether. There is an interest in a wide range of courses--from methodology and big picture thinking to programming languages and databases.



Experfy Training platform provides tools to help you organize your course. We also provide free video editing assistance once your course has been approved.


Teach and Earn

Experfy delivers your course to people around the globe, while you earn top dollars for your expertise.

We Help You Succeed

Course Delivery

We handle all the hosting, billing and customer service so you may focus on teaching.

Mentoring and Support

Our course mentors help you understand the course creation processes and also help you with video editing.

Pulse of the Market

Experfy also runs a successful marketplace where you can find consulting opportunities and ideas for your courses.

Featured Instructors