Excellence in Claims Handling - Property Claims Certification

Excellence in Claims Handling Certification will Help you to Prepare for a Career in Insurance.

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4 self-paced courses

Learn about Excellence in Claims Handling and these courses prepare you how to be an insurer.

Learn from the best

Barry Zalma is an insurance coverage consultant and Certified Fraud Examiner. Founder of Barry Zalma, Inc., a California law firm whose practice emphasized the representation of insurers and those in the business of insurance.


Certificate of completion can be added as the credential to your resume or profile.

The Excellence In Claims Handling program provides everything a person or entity presenting a claim needs to effectively present the claim and provides the insurance claims person with everything he or she needs to properly represent the insurer.

Learn about Excellence in Claims Handling from the instructor who is an insurance coverage consultant and Certified Fraud Examiner. 

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