AI & Emerging Technologies Course Track

Experfy in Harvard Innovation Labs, in collaboration with subject matter experts, prepares you for a career in AI and emerging technologies.

8 Self-paced courses

Course include the fundamentals of the AI and other emerging technologies.


Harvard- incubated Experfy has experts to help you succeed in your AI and other emerging technologies career.


Industry recognized certification enables you to add this credential to your resume upon completion of all courses.

Courses for Analytics

Marketing, Analytics

Email Marketing Analytics

Anna Kayfitz

Everything you need to know about Email Marketing Analytics

Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Data Science with Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Michael Luk

Learn about how data science is utilized in the Healthcare Industry


Chinese Natural Language Processing in Practice

Jacky Ma

Understand machine learning techniques that are specifically applied to Chinese language

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Supervised Learning: Classification

Dr. Rukmini Vijaykumar

Classification Methods, Algorithms and Tools


Supply Chain Optimization Analyst Training

Wayne Zorn

Experience significant business value using supply chain optimization methods

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Classification Models

Saed Sayad

How to use classification algorithms to solve real world problems.

Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Predictive Analytics for Personalized Treatment Plans

Dr. Carol Hargreaves

'Prescribing the Right Treatment to the Right Patient at the Right Time'

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

Data Wrangling in R

Dr. Connie Brett

Real-world data preparation for further analysis using R

Analytics, Marketing

Churn Analysis: How to Increase Your Sales by Managing Your Churn

Dr. Carol Hargreaves

Learn how to use a data driven approach to prevent customers from leaving you

Analytics, For Executives and Managers, Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance)

Insurance Analytics Training

Ajay Bhargava

Learn how Analytics can derive value for Property(Home) & Casualty(Auto) Insurer

Analytics, Marketing

Marketing Analytics: Text Analysis & Recommendation Systems

Hadi Harb

Techniques for: Information Retrieval, Classification, Clustering & Recommenders


Natural Language Processing

Burak Yoldemir

A hands-on and practical course on making machines understand the way we speak. Instructor holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a focus on machine learning and data analysis.


Data Science for Sports Injuries Using R, Python, and Weka

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Learn data science by working on real-world problems on sports injury prediction

Analytics, Marketing

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Crash Course

Alessandro Russo

Learn how to Manage your Marketing Tags the Smart Way

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Data Pre-Processing

Dr. Rich Huebner

Tidy Your Data Before Using It in Machine Learning Algorithms

Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Healthcare Analytics

Dr. Ann E.K. Um

Healthcare Analytics: Concepts, Definitions, Technologies, and Implementations

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data

Data Curation for Decision Making

Douglas Clark

The Foundation for Data Driven Decision Making

Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

Dr. Larry Bookman

How your organization can benefit from machine learning and predictive analytics

Analytics, Marketing

Retail Customer Acquisition

Allen Dwayne Ball

How to acquire valuable new customers in retail settings.

Analytics, Marketing

SEO Starter Guide

Dan Grijzenhout

Things You Must Do to Get to Page One of Search Engines Organically

Telecom, Analytics

Causal Modeling: Establishing Causal Inferences with Examples in SAS

Andrew Wilson, Dan Sarkar

In this course, we introduce an approach to making such inferences via potential outcomes.

Analytics, Marketing

How to Boost Your SEO with Social Media

Dan Grijzenhout

Learn How to Use Social Media to Improve Site Visibility and Build Backlinks

Analytics, Marketing

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Training Course

Anil Batra

Learn everything you need to manage all your tags using Google Tag Manager

Analytics, Marketing

Social Media Analytics

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

This course will cover various ways into which we can harvest social media data and analyze it, covering real use cases and going over many related topics, from NLP to social network analysis.

Analytics, Marketing, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Predicting Insurance Customer Churn, Lifetime Value and Optimal Policy

Dr. Darshan Desai

This course will give you a conceptual understanding of customer value and churn prediction in general.

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

SAS Base Programming: A Practical Guide For Beginners

Ermin Dedic, Ermin Dedic

Prepare for SAS Base certification, or employment, as a SAS programmer.

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

SAS Index & SAS Macros: Solutions for Big Data

Ermin Dedic, Ermin Dedic

SAS Indexes and Macros are vital when working with big data.

Retail, Analytics

Natural Language Processing for Retail

Hadi Harb

Text classification: sentiment analysis and dialog act classification

Business, Analytics

Managing Employee Performance

Intellezy Trainers

Learn & apply a practical approach to manage the performance of your employees!

Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Predicting Sports Outcomes Using Python and Machine Learning

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Sports betting and web crawling using Python and machine learning

Analytics, Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance)

Sales Forecasting

Madhu Bhaita

This course will help you understand what sales forecasting is and how to select the right forecasting techniques.

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