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Wayne Zorn, Instructor - Supply Chain Optimization Analyst Training

Wayne Zorn

An accomplished business leader demonstrating continuous professional progression. A strategic thinker and complex problem solver driven by business metrics with attention to detail. A mentor and leader committed to developing others while achieving the greatest results with the highest level of integrity. Business-focused problem solving with a concentration on global supply chain design over the past 10 years. My Air Force experience provided the foundation for strategic business success.

Instructor: Wayne Zorn

Experience significant business value using supply chain optimization methods

  • Learn about the basics of optimizing your supply chain
  • Instructor has over 15 years of experience in the Operations Research and Supply Chain domains
  • Includes an extensive case study 

Duration: 1h 37m

Course Description

This course covers end-to-end supply chain management functions, defines decision points and the impact of these decisions to the business enterprise. The purpose of the course is to inform students on how to identify appropriate optimization opportunities to improve planning and operational execution. An overview of leading supply chain optimization applications is presented along with an operational closed loop planning optimization case study.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Gain a strong understanding of the role of supply chain functions and how to use the powerful tools of optimization to continuously improve key business performance measures.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • For context purposes, course participants with a working knowledge of the role of supply chain functions in the business enterprise will be most comfortable with the level of information provided. While an undergraduate degree is preferred but not required, a strong background in problem solving is beneficial.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Course material and technical level is designed for business professionals responsible for supply chain functions. This course is relevant for strategic decision makers, functional leaders, business analysts, financial analysts, logistics engineers and supply chain modelers.


Module 1: Module 1

Lecture 1 Course Objective, Overview & Intro

In this lecture, the course instructor, Wayne Zorn, introduces himself and shares his background as an operations research professional with 20+ years applying advanced optimization techniques to real world problems. The lecture also provides an overview of the full course content and introduces the main topic: Supply Chain Optimization

Lecture 2 Defining and Identifying the Value of Supply Chain Functions

This lecture applies the Supply Chain Operations Reference model as the context for defining supply chain functions. After reviewing this lecture, students should be able to recognize the value of their role and opportunities to determine value creation.

Lecture 3 Supply Chain Optimization Process and Workflow (Part 1)

This lecture describes the analytical structure of the supply chain optimization model and sources of data. Students will understand the underlying mathematical model and how to properly define their supply chain structure.

Lecture 4 Supply Chain Optimization Process and Workflow (Part 2)

This lecture extends the optimization process to include a description of integration with enterprise work flow and ensuring accurate data flow. Students will understand the requirement to accurately source Big Data and ensure the data interface aligns correctly with the analytical structure of the model.

Lecture 5 Supply Chain Optimization Technology Applications

This lecture briefly describes the different classes and use cases of supply chain optimization applications. Students will understand the variation of applications and effectively engage the process to select and implement the system best suited for their business needs.

Lecture 6 Supply Chain Optimization Case Study

This lecture explains a current closed loop operational management solution currently in use with a European hard discount retailer. Students will have a clear understanding of the power of optimization to enable high performing business enterprises.


8 Reviews

Melanie C

December, 2016

Good course to understand supply chain optimization. Instructor is a domain experts and really knows his stuff. Anyone looking to understand supply chain process and workflow will not be disappointed. The optimization part is also very helpful. The course is excellent. And the case-study at the end was very illustrative of the kind of work we need to do within our organization. I wish there were more case-studies. Overall, a very good value for the money.

Kai N

May, 2017

This is really an interesting course. The course material was organized very nicely by the instructor. It helps any marketing professional in consumer field to organize supply chain. While you can Learn about the basics of optimizing your supply chain, you can also learn much more from the case series presented in the course. It is an exhaustive course covering end-to-end functions of supply chain management. The course fulfilled its purpose in educating to identify optimization in improving planning and execution of various supply chain functions.

Tracy G

May, 2017

This course is well-organised. I gained a very good understanding of the supply chain functions and use tools to optimize and improve business performance metrics. The course helped me gain much of the knowledge needed for running supply chain functions.

Matthew J

May, 2017

This course is excellent. It helped me to understand analytics in organizing the supply chain in my place. It practically helped me this way. The case study is a good learning point.

Pablo V

July, 2017

Great course. Highly recommend. It helped me learn how to use analytics to regulate the supply chain in my profession. The instructor presented the course information quite well. You learn the principles of enhancing your supply chain.

Jasvinder S

July, 2017

It is a thorough course with a nice breakdown of supply chain business. It works for any marketing expert in consumer area learning to line up a supply chain. The program lived up to its mission in training to identify expansion in promoting strategy and doing numerous supply chain works.

syam M

July, 2017

This course is exceptional. Very effective, gives you plenty of practical use cases. I picked up a valuable knowledge of the supply chain faculties and handling means to reform and enhance trade practice metrics.

Jeff H

July, 2017

This course is designed well. The course encouraged me to understand practical supply chain uses. The case study is very helpful.