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Measure Skills and Identify Gaps to Build the Workforce of the Future

Experfy's Assessment Platform measures skills, identifies gaps and benchmarks the skills of your employees. If you are interested in using our Assessment Platform when hiring new employees, we make it super easy for your HR to leverage existing tests and also allow them to upload their own.

Constantly Updated Test Libraries

We have test banks reflecting the latest technologies developed by industry experts working in the trenches. Don't see an exam? You can make a request and our team will deliver it on-demand.

Results Drive Your Learning Path

AI-powered algorithms make recommendations on courses and learning tracks to pursue. Overall, we are on a mission to close the skills-gap within your company!

Build Score Cards, Benchmark Skills and Share the Results

It's hard to make a personalized learning plan without knowing the gaps in your skills. Experfy's Assessment Platform measures skills, identifies gaps and benchmarks your skills against other employees. Know exactly where you stand and what you need to work on next.


All role-based or industry specific learning tracks lead to a certification. Once you have mastered a skill or a use-case, we provide an industry-recognized certificate that you can add to your Linkedin profile and resume.

Team Management and Usage Analytics

Course Metrics, User Engagement and Access Controls

As part of your enterprise subscription, you can access a dashboard that tracks the performance of your employees and even segment them by divisions or groups. You can see course completion rates by employee and also see which courses are the most popular. There is also a robust interface for team management with access controls and analytics.

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