Courses for AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

Supervised Learning: Classification

Dr. Rukmini Vijaykumar

Classification Methods, Algorithms and Tools

AI & Machine Learning, Internet of Things

IIoT Applications for Machine Learning

Karla Yale, Randy Barnes

Learn the elements of a robust IIoT control system through applications.

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

Classification Models

Saed Sayad

How to use classification algorithms to solve real world problems.

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

Object Oriented Python/Performance Optimization

David Sanchez

Learn object oriented design patterns and strategies for optimizing performance.

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

Introduction to Python

Veysel Kocaman

Learn the most popular programming language of Data Science community

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data

Data Pre-Processing

Dr. Rich Huebner

Tidy Your Data Before Using It in Machine Learning Algorithms

AI & Machine Learning, Analytics

Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

Dr. Larry Bookman

How your organization can benefit from machine learning and predictive analytics

AI & Machine Learning, Big Data

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

Kasra Manshaei

This course will give the students a comprehensive overview on Feature Engineering strategies, a practical hands-on style of learning for theoretical concepts, a rich and comprehensive introduction to proper references including literature, keywords and notable related scientists to follow, and explore pros & cons and hidden tips on algorithms in practice.

AI & Machine Learning, Automation

An Introduction to Machine Learning

Dr. Rebecca Wooten

Inventory and Assets Management, Advertising Targeting and Product Pricing. Machine Learning Algorithms

AI & Machine Learning, Business

Hands-on Project - Data Preparation, Modeling & Visualization

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Hands-on Projects, Including Data Preparation, Modeling & Visualization Tasks.

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

LASSO and Ridge Regression

Josh Browning

Penalized regression models and their improvements to traditional regression.

AI & Machine Learning, Robotics

Supervised Learning - Linear Regression in Python

Charles Arthur

Modeling linear data with statistics and Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Model Tuning for Machine Learning

Benjamin Holmes

Learn how to make sure you are getting the best predictions your model can provide.

AI & Machine Learning

Model Assessment in Machine Learning

David Sanchez

Methods for Evaluating Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Models

AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Executives


An introductory course on Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement learning, and machine learning applications.

AI & Machine Learning

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Learn what exactly AI is, what are its different facets.

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