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Jeffrey Lipkowitz, Instructor - Welcome to Microsoft Azure for Data Bricks Training Big Data and Data Science

Jeffrey Lipkowitz

Has 10 years of high tech experience in IoT, Internet, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Jeff worked for multinational companies and startups. He earned a graduate degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University, in addition to a Master's in Analytics from University of Chicago.

How to leverage spark for streaming and machine learning use cases.

  • Overall understanding of the Azure and Data Bricks.
  • Understand the Spark streaming data and real-world applications of Spark jobs.
  • Learn the Spark ML
  • Instructor has 10 years of high-tech experience in IoT, Internet, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Course Description

Data Bricks & Spark From Zero To Hero. The course covers the art of using Spark for big data, streaming and machine learning. Upon course completion, students will learn how to create a Data-Bricks instance, run Spark jobs, understand what is ML and use PySpark. Also, to use Spark for streaming use cases. Topics: Azure Overview Data Brick Overview Getting Started Data Bricks Running Spark Jobs Spark ML Overview Getting Started with Spark Running Spark Jobs Processing Streaming Introduction to ML

What am I going to get from this course?

Students will learn and understand the applications of the following:
1)Understand the Spark Eco System
2)Create a DataBricks instance
3) How to Run Spark jobs
4)Understand what is Machine Learning
5) How use PySpark
6)Use Spark for streaming use cases

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

There are no prerequisites. 

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Anyone who want's to learn spark, big data and how to leverage spark for streaming and machine learning use cases. 


Module 1: Azure Overview

Lecture 1 Course Intro

Talk About Course Goals And Give an Overview of the Course

Lecture 2 Azure Overview

Talk Through the Azure Eco system

Lecture 3 Perform Real-Time Fraud Detection

Talk Through Azure ML using a real life case study

Lecture 4 Identify Faces in Photographs

Understand The Cognitive services Face API

Lecture 5 Text Analytics

Understand Cognitive Services Text Analytics use cases

Lecture 6 Azure Portal

Getting started in the azure portal

Lecture 7 Azure Pass

Get azure free credits to be able to do the course.

Module 2: Data Brick Overview

Lecture 8 Why Spark

This lecture talk through the key benefits of spark

Lecture 9 Data Bricks Benefits

Understand the Key benefits and use case for data bricks from a organizational perspective

Lecture 10 What is Spark

This lecture talks though what spark is.

Lecture 11 Advanced Analytics on Big Data

This lecture talks through Big Data Architecture and uses a streaming use case.

Lecture 12 Spark Modules
Lecture 13 Spark Modules

Understand the diffrent Spark Modules

Module 3: Getting Started

Lecture 14 Azure DataBricks Artifacts

Understand the Key areas of azure data bricks

Lecture 15 Azure DataBricks Artifacts

Understand the key areas of azure data bricks

Module 4: Running Spark Jobs

Lecture 16 Spark SQL Overview

Understand how you can use spark as a database and run queries on your data.

Module 5: Analyzing Streaming Data

Lecture 17 Azure IoT Streaming Design

Talk through Spark IOT use cases

Module 6: Intro to Machine Learning

Lecture 18 What is AI

Give a overview and a use case of ML

Lecture 19 Retention

Understand a real life use case of how ML can be used