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There are no active batches for this course. If you have any question feel free to contact us

There are no active batches for this course. If you have any question feel free to contact us


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Mats  Samuelsson, Instructor - IoT for Implementation Teams

Mats Samuelsson

Mats Samuelsson is an industry expert in Internet of Things and all relevant technologies and business solutions associated with IoT. His experience includes working with multiple startups in Silicon Valley and Boston plus industry giants like Motorola and AT&T.

Instructor: Mats Samuelsson

Fast paced 'how to' course for 3-5 person IoT business implementation teams

  • General business and technical knowledge - no in depth knowledge required.
  • Implement an IoT business in your company.
  • Instructor has worked with multiple startups in Silicon Valley and Boston plus industry giants like Motorola and AT&T.

Course Description

By focusing on the IoT implementation in your company – strategy, marketing, engineering and the implementers – it will train your multi-functional 3-5 member IoT business team what is important starting with outcomes like better products and services leading to the true meaning of evolving to a ‘data driven’ business model. It will then show you how to implement such a business and provide your team with a common knowledge base as they set out to do it before showing them how to implement the strategic, business, technology and implementation planning, processes and staffing that will lead to success. It will end with providing a fully developed example of how to create your IoT business – from the technology base to market trials and full deployments using real available technologies and approaches.

What am I going to get from this course?

implement an IoT business in their company as part of the team that has attanded the course.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

General business and technical knowledge - no in depth knowledge requires.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Members of a company IoT team that has been charged with implementing a data driven business. The course will provide a common understanding among the team members and a template for implementing the business, technical and functional part of the business. This course is not for people wanting to find out more about IoT.


Module 1: Module 1

Lecture 1 What is IoT?

Internet of Things means different things to different people and the true meaning is still evolving! This lecture will clear any confusion and provide your team with a common view of what IoT is, and what the promises of IoT really mean. It will also show how IoT evolved from the Internet and how they are related. At the end, your team will have a shared view of 'The 4 pillars' of IoT'.

Lecture 2 Data and the Data Driven Business Model

IoT used to be about sensors - now it is about Data and the Data driven enterprise. What data means and how it can be used is the core of this lecture. It will explain how 'IoT' drives the data driven business model focused on delivering a view of 'What is Going On' in the business at any moment.

Lecture 3 Preparing for your IoT business

How do you prepare for IoT? This lecture will take you through the challenges of getting your business and organization ready for IoT. It addresses 'the hard thinking' needed up front and the questions you need to address and what you need to put in place: - Can we do it? - Can we afford it? - What is our Strategy? - How about a Business Plan? - Stakeholders NO – Alignment Yes - Management with Clear Responsibilities

Lecture 4 What is out there – Knowledge, Technology, Suppliers & More

There are many players in the IoT space - Consultants, Suppliers, Systems Inter gators and Solution Providers. This section will cover who they are and the most important ones: - System Suppliers - Device Suppliers - Chip Manufacturers - Sensors - Connectivity providers - Application Developers - IoT Server/Cloud Services - Analytics? - System Integrators - What is (Not?) Out There

Lecture 5 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Implementing IoT in your company is all about making decisions based on where you are today. This means assessing where you are and what you want to become! Once that is done you need to decide about: - Resourcing? - Responsibilities? - Lead Time Planning/Management? - Technology Decisions? This lecture will address how you go about making all these decisions.

Lecture 6 Your IoT Project – Approaches, Organization & Implementation

This is all about implementing your IoT project. We discuss different approaches before we dive into the core parts: The Project Plan - Goals, Schedules & Results - Resourcing & Organization - Budgeting - Staffing - Scheduling As we do this we dive into all the aspects of an IoT project!

Lecture 7 Who can help! An IoT Implementation Template

Implementing IoT is all about deciding how and then choosing the right suppliers and knowledge partners to make it happen. In this lecture we will discuss the IoT knowledge you need and then where you get it and how you go about engaging with the right experts and partners. After this, we will lay out the template of an implementation plan for IoT in your business.

Lecture 8 Your IoT Business from Planning & Design to Deployment & Growth

We are now at the point of creating your IoT business going thought the implementation phases: - Choosing the Stack - Choosing teh Technology/Application Plan - Developing the Proof of Concept - Tracer Bullet? - Developing the Implementation Plan - The hard work: Testing – Scaling – Integration – Testing - Alpha – Beta - Deployment - Real Deployment - Go To Market and Launch - Growth

Lecture 9 A real Example - Implementing IoT with 'connectivity platforms' and AWS IoT

We finish up with a real example implemented where the course is taught! Using a connectivity platform and the Amazon Wed Services IoT Core service offering, we look at a complete 'end-to-end' implementation that you can implement in your own company! Real devices, real connectivity, AWS IoT platform and a real IoT application downloadable from the Android app store! We finish by explaining how you can have this Proof of Concept up and running in your own company within 4 weeks!