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Mohamed Atef, Instructor - Risk Management and Compliance for IoT Solutions

Mohamed Atef

Has 20 years of experience in Information Security Frameworks, Risk Management, Compliance, IoT Security Solutions, and Penetration testing. He worked for IBM, Cleveland Clinic, governments, and law enforcement entitles He's also CISSP, CEH, CEI, PMP Certified.

Instructor: Mohamed Atef

The Fundamentals of IoT Solutions, Risk and Regulations.

  • Learn IoT fundamentals and architectures.
  • Understand IoT threats, risk management, and compliance.
  • The instructor has 20 years of information security and risk management experience working for organizations like IBM and Cleveland Clinic.

Duration: 2h 44m

Course Description

The course will cover the fundamentals of IoT risk and regulation, fundamental of IoT solutions through a case study; the components and technologies to provide a baseline understanding of the systems and devices that you need to protect. In addition to IoT threats & attacks, IoT risk management, compliance that need to be followed with the laws and regulations.

What am I going to get from this course?

  1. Understanding IoT Fundamentals.
  2. IoT Architecture.
  3. Understanding IoT Threats. 
  4. Understanding IoT Solution Risk Management.
  5. Understanding IoT Compliance.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Basic Computer Knowledge. 

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Anyone who is interested in IoT security solution, threats, risks, compliance, and regulations. 


Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What IoT?

A brief description of IoT technology.

Lecture 2 Why IoT?

In this lecture, we will cover the importance of IoT in business and personal life and why big business is investing in IoT.

Lecture 3 IoT History

IoT History and how its started,

Lecture 4 IoT Implementation

The different IoT Implementation components and phases

Lecture 5 IoT Layers

Different IoT layers definitions and functionality.

Lecture 6 IoT Harware

A high-level explanation about the Hardware used for IoT, especially different types of Microcontroller and the advantage / disadvantage of each one of them.

Lecture 7 IoT Software

Different IoT Sofware category and the usage of each one of them.

Module 2: Case Study

Lecture 8 IoT case Study

Introduction to the case studies that will be covered in this module.

Lecture 9 Self-Driving Vehicle

A Case Study of Self- Driving Vehicle as a proof of concept

Lecture 10 Threats

Major threats actor facing Smar Driving Vehicles (SDV)

Lecture 11 Security Credential Management System (SCMS)

The SCMS is a POC message security solution for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication.

Lecture 12 Energy Management for Smart City

Second IoT case study which is Energy Management for Smart City

Module 3: Threats

Lecture 13 IoT Security

The definition of IoT Security

Lecture 14 Security In Layers

Using different layers in an security implementation is considered a best practice.

Lecture 15 IoT Privacy

A definition of the IoT privacy

Lecture 16 IoT Attacks

IoT Attacks vector and the best sources to identify the latest IoT surface attack and vulnerability

Lecture 17 Weak passwords

One of OWASP IoT vulnerability is weak and default passwords.

Lecture 18 Denial of Service attack

An explanation with a demonstration for Denial of service attack (DOS Attack)

Lecture 19 Unencrypted Services

Encryption is considered on of OWASP top IoT Vulnerability

Module 4: Risk Management

Lecture 20 Introduction to Risk Management

A brief Introduction to Risk Managment Section

Lecture 21 Risk Definitions

Important Risk Definitions that you need to be aware of before doing a Risk assessment.

Lecture 22 Risk Management Strategies

The 4 different strategies that is used to manage different types of Risk.

Lecture 23 Risk Analysis

A Risk Analysis Description

Lecture 24 Risk Calculation

How to calculate Risk ?

Lecture 25 Risk Management Framework - NIST

The Standard that needs to be followed when conducting a Risk assessment from National Institute of standards and technology (NIST) . NIST SP 800-30

Lecture 26 IoT Risk assessment guidelines

Another IoT Risk assessment guidelines

Lecture 27 IoT Security and Privacy Risk Consideration -NIST

NIST Approach for IoT Security and Privacy Risk Consideration for any business solution

Module 5: ModuIoT Regulation and Compliance le...

Lecture 28 IoT Security Regulation

The Maor IoT Security Regulation in US and Europe

Lecture 29 IoT Privacy Regulation

The Major 29- IoT Privacy Regulation (European Union Article 29 Data Protection )

Lecture 30 Compliance Schemes

Other Information Security Compliance such as HIPAA, PCI /DSS