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Ajay Bhargava, Instructor - Internet of Things: Opportunities & Implementation Workshop

Ajay Bhargava

Ajay specializes in transforming organizations to be more “analytics driven”. He has over 27 years of experience in data and analytics industry developing solutions and mentoring professionals from a large spectrum of domains ranging from students to Fortune 500 employees. Starting in 2010, he has incubated and grew a global big data and analytics organization serving insurance and healthcare customers of the 6th largest IT services company in the world.
Mats  Samuelsson, Instructor - Internet of Things: Opportunities & Implementation Workshop

Mats Samuelsson

Mats Samuelsson is an industry expert in Internet of Things and all relevant technologies and business solutions associated with IoT. His experience includes working with multiple startups in Silicon Valley and Boston plus industry giants like Motorola and AT&T.

3 Day corporate seminars on how to implement IoT in your business.

Course Description

This 3-day training is for companies who want to understand the Internet of Things and learn how to capitalize on and implement IoT based businesses and solutions for their customers and in their companies. Day 1, is targeted at the executive team covering areas from what IoT is, what the opportunities are, market strategies, specific use cases, market driven analytics, and regional and worldwide IoT trends. Days 2 and 3, are targeted at the business teams in charge of implementing IoT solutions providing hands on works-shops where teams go through the business, project, technology and deployment planning using company specific IoT business opportunities and use cases. These sessions can be targeted at specific IoT business opportunities provided by the company prior to the training. This material will then be worked into the training in the form of use cases and the workshops. Optional follow on phone/email sessions can be scheduled allowing the individual teams to complete the planning and jump-start the IoT business implementation. The format for the Seminar and Training sessions is fast paced instructor led sessions augmented during day 2 and 3 with team sessions where teams work on assigned projects. The training has been successfully held with one of India’s major industrial conglomerates with attendance of over 50 executives and business team members over three days.

What am I going to get from this course?

Fully understand IoT and the opportunities it offers to my company. Know how to plan and implement successful IoT based product and service solutions within my business.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

General business and technical knowledge. For workshops familiarity with Microsoft Office applications in order to use frameworks and tools provided.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Senior executives, executive teams and business/technical teams who want to understand IoT and understand how to create and implement IoT businesses in their companies. The 3 days are designed to align everyone within the company as to understanding IoT, associated opportunities and assign the teams that will turn these into realities. Day 1, is for the executive team and Days 2 and 3, for business unit managers, engineers, sales and marketing people.


Module 1: Executive Training

Lecture 1 What is IoT?

Describes IoT as an extension of the Internet and describes the four pillars of IoT. The goes on to address the substantial Product, Application, Service and Business opportunities that IoT offers.

Lecture 2 Technologies Underlying IoT

In dept dive into the Technologies of IoT describing them from both a high level and detailed perspective. Describes costs, capabilities and technology trends.

Lecture 3 IoT Business & Market Opportunities

Provides a framework for analyzing IoT Business and Market opportunities and then uses this framework to look at 10 opportunities in depth.

Lecture 4 Local Market IoT Use Cases including Smart Cities

Look at Industry, Consumer, Utilities and Government use cases from a worldwide and local perspective specifically addressing use cases for company receiving the training.

Lecture 5 Local Market Enterprise & Government Use Cases

Addresses use cases for Enterprise and Government in the local market. This segment can be targeted at specific use cases associated with the company where training takes place.

Lecture 6 IoT Analytics

An overview of IoT Analytics and different approaches. Discusses how to create value from IoT analytics with several use cases.

Lecture 7 Country and Regional IoT Trends

Covers country and region specific Technology, Market, Innovation and Barriers of Entry for IoT in markets served by company receiving training.

Module 2: Training for Business Teams (Planning & Implementation)

Lecture 8 What is IoT?

A quick overview of IoT

Lecture 9 Technologies underlying IoT
Lecture 10 IoT Business & Market Opportunities
Lecture 11 Project X: Smart City

Describes the first of three IoT projects in depth. Smart City can be replaced by another company or country specific project.

Lecture 12 IoT Workshop Overview

Overview of the Hands on Workshop describing the overall goal of the workshops which is to provide planning experience. Describes the specific IoT projects selected by the company that wil be used by the individual teams.

Lecture 13 Project Y: Digital Enterprise

Describes the second of three IoT projects in depth. Digital Enterprise can be replaced by another company or country specific project.

Lecture 14 Project Z: Government to Citizen

Describes the third of three IoT projects in depth. Government to Citizen can be replaced by another company or country specific project.

Lecture 15 Creating a Proof of Concept

Describes how to create a PoC including what it is, why you need it, setting up a PoC lab and parts and suppliers for PoC projects.

Lecture 16 Implementing an IoT Project

Describes the phases of implementing an IoT project starting with use cases and how to fit IoT projects withing existing infrastructure. Describes the hard choices (technologies) and how to project manage successful development, launch and deployment of IoT solutions.

Lecture 17 IoT Technology Choices

Looks at technology choices from teh perspective of how to realize IoT applications and solutions. Covers all technology choices and provides an overview of tools. Ends up describing suppliers and partners and what they can provide.

Lecture 18 Implementing IoT Analytics

Describes how to architect, design and implement IoT analytics solutions that provide customer and business values. Areas included are architectures, tools and suppliers.

Lecture 19 Workshop - 5 Sessions

Five workshop sessions are intersperced thoughout the two days. These can be targeted at specific company needs. 1. Business Case Preparation 2. Project Plan Preparation 3. Technology Plan Preparations 4. Data & Analytics Plan Preparation 5. Implementation Plan Preparation


7 Reviews

Arnab P

May, 2017

It is a very good course for corporate executives to update themselves with the latest developments regarding Internet of Things that are happening around us impacting our lives. Specially if you happen to be a business owner, do not miss the opportunity to make your business to capitalize on and implement IoT based businesses and solutions for your customers. It has wonderfully helped me to follow on both phone, email sessions allowing me to plane, my IoT business implementation. Working on the project was an excellent experience I have ever encountered.

August F

May, 2017

This course was very well organised by the instructors dividing it into a great variety of themes and methods to show the IoT opportunities with regional and worldwide IoT trends.

Carolyn K

May, 2017

The hands-on workshops in this course are the highlight of the course. They are very helpful practically, and remain long in the memories of the participants.

Moustafa K

July, 2017

A great course that explains the fundamentals of IoT. The instructor was great. After this course, I have grown positive that I want to pursue IoT.

Donald S

July, 2017

It is a powerful and useful subject, especially considering the recent improvements concerning Internet of Things that are taking place around us and changing our lives. If you’re in any business, do not miss the chance to get to work on and carry out IoT interests for your clients.


July, 2017

This course has been a great asset as I implement the best of IoT into my business.

Martin L

July, 2017

This subject was prepared well by the guides and split it into a good mix of subjects and techniques to show IoT opportunities with local and international IoT trends. The lectures in this course are outstanding - very useful.