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Mats  Samuelsson, Instructor - IoT for Executives

Mats Samuelsson

Mats Samuelsson is an industry expert in Internet of Things and all relevant technologies and business solutions associated with IoT. His experience includes working with multiple startups in Silicon Valley and Boston plus industry giants like Motorola and AT&T.

Instructor: Mats Samuelsson

Fast paced 1 day deep dive into the Internet of Things for business executives

  • Gain relevant knowledge to create viable and profitable IoT business using the right IoT technology choices, all the way from products to applications and overall solutions
  • Provides a complete high-level understanding of what IoT is and how it can benefit your business
  • Instructor has worked with multiple startups in Silicon Valley and Boston plus industry giants like Motorola and AT&T

Duration: 4h 18m

Course Description

This one-day fast paced deep dive into the Internet of Things is designed for business executives who want to understand what the Internet of Things is and the potential impacts it can have on a business. Ignoring high level fluff about market size or technology opportunities, it goes through the details of IoT from business strategy to implementation, describing key decisions and how to avoid pitfalls – all in seven 45 minute fast paced sessions. It is geared towards people who need to understand IoT, what opportunities it offers and how to implement IoT solutions in their business. Areas covered are: • The 4 pillars of IoT • Underlying Technologies • Assessing Business Opportunities • How to Introduce IoT in your business • Creating your IoT Business The course provides simple examples and analogies to help students understand what IoT is, what it can deliver and how it can be implemented in a business setting.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand what Internet of Things is and why it is important to your business
  • Be aware of the tremendous Business Opportunities offered by IoT
  • Understand underlying technologies 
  • Look at IoT Solutions from User, Business, Operational, Revenue and Cost Perspectives
  • Introduce IoT into your Business
  • Create a successful IoT Business

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Fundamental Business concepts 
  • Very basic Technology and Internet understanding

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • For Business Executives and Managers who want to Understand IoT
  • For Executives and Managers tasked with Exploring and Implementing IoT
  • NOT for Engineers responsible for Implementing IoT solutions


Module 1: Module 1

Lecture 1 Introduction to IoT

Introduction to IoT describes what Internet of Things is and how it differs from the traditional Internet. It then describes how, just like the Internet did, the Internet of Things will dramatically change every business during the next 10 years. It describes opportunities and sets realistic expectations for IoT. Finally, the session describes how to introduce and implement IoT into your business. Section covers a number of businesses and business areas and sets the stage for successful introduction of IoT in any business.

Lecture 2 The 4 Pillars of IoT

The 4 Pillars of IoT covers the four pieces that make up an IoT solution or implementation. By focusing on the big picture we avoid technical myopia and instead focus on the fundamentals needed for a functioning IoT implementation including Product, Connectivity, Web Platforms and the critical customer and business applications that make IoT meaningful and operational.

Lecture 3 The Technologies underlying IoT

While IoT itself is all about user experience, user interaction and new products and business structures, creating an IoT solution depends on incorporating or augmenting key technologies in a business in order to realize these outcomes. They span from using chip technologies to make products smart and utilizing different communications technologies to connect them to the Internet to developing applications and solutions using existing platforms or new technologies. This section explains these at a high level pointing out underlying trends driving their evolution.

Lecture 4 The Business Opportunities of IoT

IoT is all about Business Opportunities. While the most talked about are new products and services made possible by Internet connectivity, more mundane opportunities exist in improving customer satisfaction and customer service. One of the exciting things about IoT is that we will find completely new business opportunities not imaginable today. Using Internet analogies, we assess some of these opportunities and mention methods of brainstorming when thinking about them. Finally, the mundane Business Case is critical for any new business and we discuss the content of an IoT business case and why it differs from other business cases.

Lecture 5 What do IoT Solutions Look Like?

This module will present IoT from a number of relevant business perspectives. The user perspective describes how customers will see IoT in the form of new product attributes, better service and completely new product offerings. The business perspective covers opportunities as well as competitive risks. The biggest change will come from operational improvements and changes stemming from IoT technologies in the market while Revenue and Cost describes the bottom line impact.

Lecture 6 How do you introduce IoT into your Business?

Introducing IoT into a business poses even more challenges than those posed by the Internet. The reason is that IoT touches many more points of a business than a web site or web application. This section starts with strategy and alignment and moves over to organization and budgeting. IoT, just like the web, will need budgeting and will touch areas like product development, manufacturing, distribution and customer satisfaction. A complete end-to-end look at the IoT solution and how it is deployed is therefore necessary combined with a realistic assessment of what it takes to have a solid foothold in the market and grow the IoT business.

Lecture 7 Creating Your IoT Business

Creating your IoT Business puts all the pieces together by addressing all the fundamental questions. How do you sketch out how to implement an IoT Business? What will it take to implement in the form of organizational, managerial and financial resources? How do I align the organization around new IoT offerings? Finally, we cover Management and Budgeting and what type of skills and resources are needed to successfully create an IoT business.


10 Reviews

Harry M

May, 2017

This is an excellent and inspiring course for anybody to know about IoT and how it is trasforming our lives.

Ram B

May, 2017

The instructor offered genuine and beneficial knowledge this hs expertise knowledge in Iot. As a novice to this field, he helped me learn what Internet of Things is and its important to business apart form making aware of IoT business opportunities. The course offers a practical value making concrete very floatable ideas. As a practicing business manager, this course was good structured for me which other wise I cannot afford learn full time attending classes. The details of IoT from business strategy to implementation, and how to avoid pitfalls is very interesting.

Gabriel D

May, 2017

This beatulifully organised course made me understand the fundamentals of IoT and its application to business in generating new opportunities. It is an interesting course to learn, and I recommend it to every business person or for that mater everyone to learn IoT as it is much useful in our day-to-day experiences also.

Helen P

July, 2017

Overall I liked studying the course. It was a good course. The teacher provided reliable and valuable information about IoT. The course presents an effective reasoning for implementing IoT.

Harry M

July, 2017

It was an excellent course. As new to IoT, the instructor helped me understand what Internet of Things is and its imperativeness to the business.

Christian C

July, 2017

As an executive, this subject was perfectly designed for me since our company is moving into IoT. The course brings IoT from a market approach to implementation. Very comprehensive and easy to follow.

Mark H

July, 2017

This beautifully organized program that helped me to identify the basics of IoT and its importance to expanding your market share in IoT. It is a beneficial course and I advise it to any executive considering entering the IoT space.

Helen U

November, 2017

Prince C

May, 2019

Prince C

May, 2019