Sandra Hendren

About Me

Sandra Hendren has over 30 years’ experience in predictive analytics, data mining, analytic software development, and Big Data. Most recently, she was Chief Data Scientist and Analytics Strategist for UnitedHealth Group, the 12th largest company in the nation.


Ms. Hendren is known as an energetic speaker, bridging the gap between business and technology in her lucid explanations of their relationship.  She is recognized as a thought leader and frequent speaker about technology-led innovation.  She has held multiple adjunct faculty positions, sometimes teaching technology courses, but as often teaching management courses.  Most recently she was Senior Lecturer of Strategic Management for Harvard University. 


Frustrated at the muddled content and too often biased representation of Big Data, coupled with the total lack of vendor-neutral education of same, Ms. Hendren created this course specifically to remedy that.  She feels strongly that all managers need a working knowledge of this latest trend in technology to be effective in their positions.  The course is also for curious professionals at any level who are tired of being bombarded by the Big Data market buzz and frustrated at not understanding it sufficiently to make reasoned business decisions about its use


Ms. Hendren holds a M.S. in Psychometrics (a statistical computing degree) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   


Big Data - What Every Manager Needs to Know

By: Sandra Hendren

Foundational knowledge of big data for executives from the former Chief Data and Analytics Strategist of UnitedHealth Group.