Courses for Data Science / Data Mining

Data Science / Data Mining

Scaling Advanced Analytics

Sofiane Mesbah

An In-depth Advanced Analytics Training using SAS.

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Supervised Learning: Classification

Dr. Rukmini Vijaykumar

Classification Methods, Algorithms and Tools

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Classification Models

Saed Sayad

How to use classification algorithms to solve real world problems.

Data Science / Data Mining, AI & Machine Learning

LASSO and Ridge Regression

Josh Browning

Penalized regression models and their improvements to traditional regression.

Data Science / Data Mining

Econometric Analysis: Methods and Applications

Alan Yang

Quantitative and Econometric Analysis focused on Practical Applications

Data Science / Data Mining, Big Data

Clustering and Association Rule Mining

Anirban Ghosh

Learn Clustering methods and Association Rule Mining Techniques

Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

SAS Index & SAS Macros: Solutions for Big Data

Ermin Dedic, Ermin Dedic

SAS Indexes and Macros are vital when working with big data.

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