Veysel Kocaman

About Me

Has a B.S degree in Computer Engineering and a M.S degree in Operations Research (IE&OR dual titled) from Penn State University (State College, PA, USA). He's the Head of AI and CTO at Talent Envoy, based in CA, USA. Provides hands-on consulting services in statistics, data science, operations research, simulation, and machine learning to several start-ups around the globe. He designed multiple algorithms in NLP, web scraping, insurance and fintech projects, data preparation, predictive analytics, AdWorks, CRT prediction, bulk email scheduling, Dockers implementation, MySQL, Postgre, AWS EC2, code optimization, debugging, multi criteria decision making, utilizing the API interfaces ( Bing, Diffbot, Gensim, Spacy, Google KG, Algorithmia and TextRazor), ML classification, and several others. He also worked on mapping the patent details/claims to product descriptions and clustering the products using recent NLP tools such as word2vec, doc2vec, Spacy and several other semantic tools and unsupervised ML algorithms. 


Introduction to Python

By: Veysel Kocaman

Learn the most popular programming language of Data Science community