Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Cheema

About Me

Is Lead Data Scientist at IBM Watson IoT HQ Munich. He has 17-years of hands-on experience in implementing AI systems. He holds a Ph.D. in Large Scale Machine Learning from the University of Bonn, Germany and holds 3 M.Sc.’s in Mathematics, Computer Science and Robotics. He has led a number of AI and Big Data projects across industries.

Some of his projects include: a first of a kind AI-based smart home with capabilities such as face recognition, behavior learning, edge analytics and life-long learning; a Reinforcement Learning based autonomous driving solution that enables a vehicle learn driving faster and smoother in real-world scenarios; optimization of world’s largest logistics network; a real-time bidding engine handling nearly a billion request per day, a cognitive cooking system that is able to learn recipes and physics of the devices.

Over his career, Dr. Cheema has worked in startup, corporate, technology, research, and academia. As an AI Evangelist, he is an advocate of business- and solution-oriented data science. He has developed and mentored several Data Science teams at large tech and corporate organizations. He is also leading the Data Science Initiative that aims at AI resource development by enabling Data Science enthusiasts through focused training.


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By: Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Cheema

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By: Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Cheema

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