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Intellezy Trainers, Instructor - WordPress 3.9

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A quick introduction to the basic parts of WordPress

  • Understand what is WordPress.
  • Log in and navigate the application.
  • Understand content management and settings.

Course Description

This course gives an introduction to the basic foundations of running a WordPress site. This includes navigating the dashboard and interface, creating pages and posts, user accounts and roles, comment management and settings, customizing the look of your WordPress site with menus, widgets and themes, plugins and site maintenance. This course is kept simple to get you up and running quickly. The author shares and demonstrates using online resources available for free to expand deeper into WordPress topics. Instructor: Peter Ritter

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand what is WordPress
  • Log in and navigate the application
  • Create posts
  • Create pages
  • View and manage content
  • Work with user accounts and roles
  • Understand content management and settings
  • Change appearance
  • Work with plugins
  • Site maintenance

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Access to a hosted WordPress site (admin role access). A strong understanding of web-based terms and how websites work. Basic HTML skills.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Individuals looking to understand the basics of WordPress to get them up and started quickly. Individuals that are looking for an overview to get them started.


Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction
Resource 1 Student Data Files

Module 2: What is WordPress?

Lecture 2 From Blogs to CMS - A Popular Choice
Lecture 3 Wordpress, Wordpress.org, Wordpress.com

Module 3: Getting Started

Lecture 4 Getting Started - Logging into Your Site
Lecture 5 Dashboard
Lecture 6 Toolbar

Module 4: Creating Posts

Lecture 7 Posts vs. Pages
Lecture 8 New Posts
Lecture 9 Publishing Posts
Lecture 10 Post Formats
Lecture 11 Text Formatting
Lecture 12 Creating Links
Lecture 13 Adding Images
Lecture 14 Adding an Image Gallery
Lecture 15 Featured Image
Lecture 16 Adding YouTube Videos
Lecture 17 Restoring and Comparing Versions

Module 5: Creating Pages

Lecture 18 Creating a New Page
Lecture 19 Parent and Sub Pages and Page Templates

Module 6: Viewing and Managing Content

Lecture 20 All Posts and Pages
Lecture 21 Quick and Bulk Edit
Lecture 22 Media Library

Module 7: User Accounts and Roles

Lecture 23 Your Profile
Lecture 24 Adding a New User and User Roles

Module 8: Comment Management and Settings

Lecture 25 Discussion Settings
Lecture 26 Comment Management

Module 9: Appearance

Lecture 27 Theme Selection
Lecture 28 Theme Customizer
Lecture 29 Header Image
Lecture 30 Custom Menus
Lecture 31 Front Page - Static or Posts
Lecture 32 Widgets
Lecture 33 Adding New Themes

Module 10: Plugins

Lecture 34 Installing Plugins
Lecture 35 Plugin Example

Module 11: Site Maintenance

Lecture 36 Updates
Lecture 37 Backups
Lecture 38 Suggest Security Plugins

Module 12: Conclusion

Lecture 39 Course Recap