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Intellezy Trainers, Instructor - Windows 10 End User

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Become familiar with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system

  • Get started by logging in and navigating the Windows 10 environment
  • Personalize the interface and customize settings
  • Manage files and folders, and learn about OneDrive

Course Description

This course is designed to familiarize users with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Students will login and learn basic functionality and navigation, review new functionality and features in Windows 10, review file management and customization with File Explorer, customize and personalize their desktop and various other areas of the Windows 10 operating environment, and work with applications and programs including installing, updating, and troubleshooting. Students will become familiar with Cortana, learn to use the new Maps, Mail, People, Calendar, and Weather features. Users will also become familiar with Microsoft Edge, the newest Internet browser. Edge functionality and new features will be reviewed. Instructor: Jason Christie

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Get started by logging in and navigating the Windows 10 environment
  • Personalize the interface and customize settings
  • Manage files and folders, and learn about OneDrive
  • Become familiar with Edge, Microsoft's newest browser, and explore the features
  • Learn to use Cortana, Maps, Photos, Mail, People, Calendar, and Weather
  • Learn to install applications, set defaults, and manage updating and troubleshooting settings.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Basic familiarity with computers and navigating the Internet

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Students who want to become familiar with the new Windows 10 environment


Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Module 2: Getting Started in Windows 10

Lecture 2 Logging In
Lecture 3 The Startup Screen
Lecture 4 Exploring the Desktop
Lecture 5 General Navigation
Lecture 6 Introducing the Action Center and Control Panel
Lecture 7 Tablet Mode
Lecture 8 Launching Applications
Lecture 9 Interacting with Windows
Lecture 10 Quitting Applications
Lecture 11 Pinning Applications
Lecture 12 Customizing the Start Menu
Lecture 13 Customizing the Task Bar
Lecture 14 Multitasking to Switch Between Multiple Applications
Lecture 15 Managing Several Desktops Using Task View
Lecture 16 Cortana: Setting Up
Lecture 17 Cortana: Using Cortana

Module 3: File Management

Lecture 18 Overview of the Drive and Folder Structure
Lecture 19 Using the Navigation Pane, Details Pane, and Preview Pane
Lecture 20 Using Menus and Ribbons
Lecture 21 Viewing and Editing File Properties
Lecture 22 Creating Files
Lecture 23 Selecting, Moving, and Copying Files
Lecture 24 Renaming Files and Folders
Lecture 25 Deleting and Restoring from the Recycle Bin
Lecture 26 Creating and Using Shortcuts
Lecture 27 Zipping and Unzipping Files
Lecture 28 Changing the Sort and Group By Options
Lecture 29 Adding Columns to the Explorer View
Lecture 30 Creating and Using a Library
Lecture 31 Adding Files to a Library
Lecture 32 Customizing File Explorer and Frequent Places
Lecture 33 Configuring Files and Explorer Options
Lecture 34 Logging In or Setting Up OneDrive
Lecture 35 Storing and Accessing Files in OneDrive
Lecture 36 Sharing Files through OneDrive
Lecture 37 Syncing Files in OneDrive

Module 4: Using Edge

Lecture 38 Browsing the Web
Lecture 39 Customizing Top Sites
Lecture 40 Using Tabs
Lecture 41 Adding and Using Favorites
Lecture 42 Organizing Favorites with Folders
Lecture 43 Using the Reading List and Reading View
Lecture 44 Using, Saving, and Sharing Web Notes
Lecture 45 Downloading Files
Lecture 46 Viewing and Clearing History

Module 5: Using Windows Apps

Lecture 47 Maps: Searching, Getting Directions, and Choosing a View
Lecture 48 Maps: Search Tips and Favorites
Lecture 49 Maps: More Search Tips and Map Settings
Lecture 50 Photos: Browsing
Lecture 51 Photos: Using Editing Tools
Lecture 52 Mail: Adding Accounts
Lecture 53 Mail: Changing the View
Lecture 54 Mail: Sending a Message
Lecture 55 People: Adding and Editing Contacts
Lecture 56 People: Searching, Linking, and Sharing Contacts
Lecture 57 Calendar: Configuring and Viewing
Lecture 58 Calendar: Changing Views and Creating and Editing Events
Lecture 59 Weather: Adding Favorite Locations
Lecture 60 Weather: Viewing Historical Data and Weather Maps

Module 6: Customizing Windows 10

Lecture 61 Managing Accounts and Sign In Options
Lecture 62 Changing the Background
Lecture 63 Understanding the Lock Screen
Lecture 64 Changing Themes
Lecture 65 Personalizing Start
Lecture 66 Changing Screen Resolution
Lecture 67 Adjusting Audio Settings
Lecture 68 Managing Sleep and Screen Saver Modes
Lecture 69 Changing Default Storage Locations
Lecture 70 Managing Devices
Lecture 71 Changing Type Settings
Lecture 72 Adjusting Mouse and Touchpad Settings
Lecture 73 Adjusting AutoPlay Settings

Module 7: Installing, Updating, and Troubleshooting

Lecture 74 Installing Applications from the Windows Store
Lecture 75 Installing Applications from the Web
Lecture 76 Setting Application Defaults
Lecture 77 Setting App Privacy and Permissions
Lecture 78 Uninstalling Applications
Lecture 79 Configuring Windows Defender and Windows Updates
Lecture 80 Accessing Task Manager
Lecture 81 Accessing the Action Center to View Messages
Lecture 82 Backing Up and Restoring Files and Using Recover

Module 8: Conclusion

Lecture 83 Course Recap