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Intellezy Trainers, Instructor - Office 365 Administration (Exam 70-346)

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Gain understanding of the administrative capabilities in Office 365

    • Prepare for Office 365 certification exam.
    • Manage users and groups.
    • Work with Office 365 administration.

Course Description

This course is designed to give users a tour and understanding of the administrative capabilities in Office 365. In this course, we will cover the Office 365 interface, setting up a trial of Office 365, navigating the Admin Center, adding and managing users, working with groups and collaboration groups, using group administration, and various other topics related to Office 365 administration. Additionally, understanding Azure rights management, deployment of Office 365 Pro Plus, monitoring of Office 365, creating custom domains, Hybrid Active Directory, Exchange administration, managing SharePoint Online, configuring Skype for Business and performing connectivity tests will be covered. Instructor: Norm Kennedy

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Prepare for Office 365
  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Work with Office 365 Administration
  • Work with Azure Rights Management
  • Deploy Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Create Custom Domains
  • Work with a Hybrid Active Directory
  • Learn about Exchange Administration
  • Manage SharePoint Online
  • Configure Skype For Business
  • Perform Connectivity Tests
  • Work with Yammer

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Familiarity with the Office 365 environment and functionality.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Students who need an understanding of the administrative capabilities in Office 365


Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Module 2: Preparing for Office 365

Lecture 2 Subscription Options
Lecture 3 Overview of Office 365
Lecture 4 Setting Up a Free Trial
Lecture 5 Touring Office 365
Lecture 6 Navigating the Admin Center
Lecture 7 Monitoring Health
Lecture 8 First Release
Lecture 9 Keeping Track of Changes

Module 3: Custom Domains

Lecture 10 Overview of Office 365 Domains
Lecture 11 Manually Adding a Custom Domain
Lecture 12 Overview of Office 365 DNS Records
Lecture 13 Configuring DNS Records

Module 4: Office 365 Administration

Lecture 14 Role Based Access Control
Lecture 15 Assigning Roles
Lecture 16 Managing Passwords

Module 5: Managing Users and Groups

Lecture 17 Adding Users
Lecture 18 Managing Users
Lecture 19 Deleting Users
Lecture 20 Understanding Groups
Lecture 21 Creating Groups
Lecture 22 Understanding Office 365 Groups
Lecture 23 Creating 365 Groups
Lecture 24 Teams
Lecture 25 Using Group Administration
Lecture 26 Working Azure AD PowerShell
Lecture 27 Managing Licenses with PowerShell
Lecture 28 Managing Groups with Azure AD PS

Module 6: Hybrid Active Directory

Lecture 29 What is a Hybrid Directory
Lecture 30 Preparing for Directory Synchronization
Lecture 31 Using IDFIX to Clean Up Active Directory
Lecture 32 Prerequisites for Azure AD Connect
Lecture 33 Installing and Configuring Azured AD Connect1
Lecture 34 Filtering Objects for Directory Synchronization
Lecture 35 Controlling Directory Synchronizations

Module 7: Deploying Office 365 Pro Plus

Lecture 36 Understanding Pro Plus
Lecture 37 Understanding User Driven Deployment
Lecture 38 Understanding IT Driven Deployment1
Lecture 39 Updating Pro Plus

Module 8: Exchange Administration

Lecture 40 Overview of Exchange Online Protection
Lecture 41 Customizing Malware Filters
Lecture 42 Configuring Connection Filters
Lecture 43 Configuring Spam Filters
Lecture 44 Activating End User Spam Notification
Lecture 45 Configuring Outbound Spam Filter
Lecture 46 Using Quarantine
Lecture 47 Creating a Resource Mailbox
Lecture 48 Creating a Shared Mailbox
Lecture 49 Creating Mail Contacts
Lecture 50 Creating a Mail User
Lecture 51 Creating Retention Tags
Lecture 52 Creating Retention Policies

Module 9: SharePoint Online

Lecture 53 Managing Site Collections
Lecture 54 Overview of SharePoint User Profiles
Lecture 55 Managing the Term Store
Lecture 56 Managing Search
Lecture 57 Using SharePoint Apps in the Portal
Lecture 58 Configuring SharePoint Settings
Lecture 59 Configuring SharePoint Sharing

Module 10: Azure Information Protection

Lecture 60 Working with Azure Information Protection
Lecture 61 Integrating AIP with Exchange
Lecture 62 Integrating AIP with SP Online

Module 11: Skype For Business

Lecture 63 Configuring Global Settings in Skype for Business
Lecture 64 Configuring Users Settings in Skype for Business
Lecture 65 Configuring Dial in Conferencing
Lecture 66 Working with Meeting Broadcast

Module 12: Monitoring Office 365

Lecture 67 Performing Connectivity Tests
Lecture 68 Requesting Support
Lecture 69 Microsoft Networks
Lecture 70 Using the Support and Recovery Assistant

Module 13: Working with Yammer

Lecture 71 Overview of Yammer
Lecture 72 Configuring Yammer Security Settings
Lecture 73 Configuring User Roles and Usage Policy
Lecture 74 Overview of the OneDrive Admin Center

Module 14: Compliance and Security

Lecture 75 Office 365 Security Overview
Lecture 76 Alerts
Lecture 77 Permissions
Lecture 78 Classification
Lecture 79 Managing Data Loss Prevention
Lecture 80 Overview of In-Place Archives
Lecture 81 Preservation Policies
Lecture 82 Review of Threat Management
Lecture 83 Using Content Search
Lecture 84 Reviewing Audit Logs
Lecture 85 Creating an eDiscovery Case
Lecture 86 Reviewing Your Secure Score
Lecture 87 Viewing Reports
Lecture 88 Service Assurance

Module 15: Conclusion

Lecture 89 Course Recap