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Experfy Team, Instructor - Google Cloud Storage Qualification Exam Training

Experfy Team

The Experfy Team consists of leading technologists based in Harvard Innovation Lab and forward-thinking tech companies.

Instructor: Experfy Team

Learn about the fundamentals and applications of Google Cloud Storage

Course Description

This course prepares you for the Google Cloud Storage Qualification Exam and is meant for solution developers, solutions architects, and systems operations professionals who: 1) create and deploy applications that use Google Cloud Storage; and 2) configure and maintain Cloud Storage resources. The training will cover: Google Cloud Storage Fundamentals; Interacting with Cloud Storage; Access Control Lists; Signed URLs; Website Hosting; and Object Change Notifications.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create and deploy applications that use Google Cloud Storage
  • Configure and maintain Cloud Storage resources

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Familiarize themselves with Google Cloud Platform

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Solution developers, solutions architects, and systems operations professionals


Module 1: Google Cloud Storage Fundamentals

Lecture 1 Use-cases for Google Cloud Storage
Lecture 2 Cloud Storage components: namespaces, buckets, and objects
Lecture 3 Bucket name requirements
Lecture 4 Object name requirements
Lecture 5 Object hierarchies
Lecture 6 Strong and eventual consistency for Cloud Storage buckets and objects
Lecture 7 Request endpoint URIs
Lecture 8 Durable Reduced Availability
Lecture 9 Offline Disk Import and Online Cloud Import
Quiz 1 Google Cloud Storage Fundamentals

Module 2: Interacting with Cloud Storage

Lecture 10 Streaming transfers and resumable uploads
Lecture 11 Using hashes and ETag headers
Lecture 12 Managing buckets and objects using the Google Cloud Platform Console and Cloud SDK
Lecture 13 Use cases for the JSON and XML APIs
Lecture 14 Using gsutil rsync
Lecture 15 Uploading objects in parallel
Lecture 16 Object generation numbers and preconditions
Quiz 2 Interacting with Cloud Storage

Module 3: Access Control Lists

Lecture 17 Default project ACLs
Lecture 18 ACL scopes and permissions
Lecture 19 Bucket ACLs versus Object ACLs
Lecture 20 Object opacity and immutability
Lecture 21 Object hierarchies
Lecture 22 Managing project permissions
Lecture 23 Viewing and modifying bucket and object permissions using gsutil
Quiz 3 Access Control Lists

Module 4: Signed URLs

Lecture 24 The purpose of and use cases for signed URLs
Lecture 25 The security model of a signed URL
Lecture 26 Using gsutil to generate a signed URL
Lecture 27 Integrating a signed URL into an application workflow
Quiz 4 Signed URLs

Module 5: Website Hosting

Lecture 28 The limitations of using a custom CNAME with website hosting
Lecture 29 Use cases for CORS policies
Lecture 30 Configuring a bucket for serving static web content
Lecture 31 Use cases for access logs
Lecture 32 Using access logs with website hosting
Quiz 5 Website Hosting

Module 6: Object Change Notifications

Lecture 33 Use cases for webhooks for App Engine
Lecture 34 OCN webhooks limitations
Lecture 35 The benefit of the X-Goog-Message-Number
Lecture 36 ChannelID and ResourceID
Lecture 37 Using gsutil to monitor bucket changes
Lecture 38 Deleting an object change notification channel using gsutil
Quiz 6 Object Change Notifications


9 Reviews

Liam C

July, 2017

The course is fascinating as I could conveniently be prepared for the Google cloud exam training with out any problem.

Jared S

July, 2017

Excellent course! The instructor is exceptionally simple and to the point at issue. The activities remain asserted, joy and call for a slight touch of searching for that perfect take the picking up to an entire new stage. A highly gratifying practical knowledge.

Willys O

July, 2017

Very practical points which I will doubtless come back to again in my profession. This structured course has enlightened me with Google Cloud Program quite successfully as systems work professional. I could understand this program prepared for the specialists as well as the training students of Cloud technologies.

Greg W

July, 2017

Excellent course on Google Cloud Storage applications and fundamentals. So intelligent and professionally produced. Thanks Experfy team for organizing this course.

sambhu M

July, 2017

A particularly valuable course for studying the principles of creating and deploying applications that use Google cloud storage. I found it a quite helpful, carefully-taught course covering the fundamentals of Google cloud storage as well as interacting with cloud storage.

Adam S

July, 2017

Really well prepared course about using Google cloud storage applications, website hosting and object change notifications. The videos are good, concepts fully described and materials presented well.

Gowtham J

July, 2017

The most helpful parts are the tasks using applications that use Google Cloud Storage. The course got me comfortable with configuring and maintaining Cloud Storage resources. I liked this course and got a good deal out of it.

Alex G

July, 2017

Excellent course, rather extensive and challenging focus Google cloud storage systems, in a good way. I'll continue with this specialization.

mouna A

July, 2017

Course is good. This course definitely helps prepare for the Google Cloud Storage Qualification Exam.