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Experfy Team, Instructor - Google BigQuery Qualification Exam Training

Experfy Team

The Experfy Team consists of leading technologists based in Harvard Innovation Lab and forward-thinking tech companies.

Instructor: Experfy Team

Analyze and query data, while incorporating BigQuery data analysis in cloud apps

Course Description

This course prepares you for the Google BigQuery Qualification Exam and is meant for solution developers, solutions architects, and data analysts who: 1) Analyze and query data using BigQuery; and 2) Incorporate BigQuery data analysis into cloud-based solutions. The training will cover: Google BigQuery Fundamentals; Loading Data Into BigQuery; Querying Data; and Exporting Data from BigQuery.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Analyze and query data using BigQuery
  • Incorporate BigQuery data analysis into cloud-based solutions

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Understanding of the fundamentals of Google App Engine is necessary to take this course.  You can take the Experfy course "Google App Engine Qualification Exam Training" as a refresher.  You must also know the fundamentals of MySQL.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

This course is meant for solution developers, solutions architects, and data analysts. 


Module 1: Google BigQuery Fundamentals

Lecture 1 Use cases for Google BigQuery
Lecture 2 Streaming and batch jobs
Lecture 3 BigQuery and MapReduce
Quiz 1 Google BigQuery Fundamentals

Module 2: Loading Data Into BigQuery

Lecture 4 Designing appropriate schemas for BigQuery
Lecture 5 Creating datasets and tables
Lecture 6 Defining access control for datasets
Lecture 7 Preparing data for BigQuery
Lecture 8 Transforming data
Lecture 9 Quotas and quota management
Lecture 10 Handling streaming data and bulk loading
Quiz 2 Loading Data Into BigQuery

Module 3: Querying Data

Lecture 11 Running simple queries using the BigQuery console and the command-line tool (bq)
Lecture 12 Querying data using the service API
Lecture 13 Using the EACH parameter in queries
Lecture 14 Using table decorators
Lecture 15 Using table wildcard functions
Lecture 16 Using JOIN and JOIN EACH clauses in queries
Lecture 17 Using GROUP BY and GROUP EACH BY clauses in queries
Lecture 18 Determining when to use the FLATTEN clause in a query
Quiz 3 Querying Data

Module 4: Exporting Data from BigQuery

Lecture 19 Control requirements for exporting data
Lecture 20 Quota policies
Lecture 21 Access control requirements for exporting data
Lecture 22 Access quotas for BigQuery
Lecture 23 Setting configuration options for destination formats and compression
Lecture 24 Exporting data to Google Cloud Storage
Quiz 4 Exporting Data from BigQuery


2 Reviews

Dinesh Reddy Y

July, 2017

It was curious as further illuminating to learn what BigQuery is and how simple it is to create a query with BigQuery's interactive console in the Google Cloud Platform. The instructor carefully captured the interest of participants to acquaint with the principles and basics.

Jules S

July, 2017

This is an appealing area. It aided me in grasping BigQuery. It was decisive in contributing to the training activity to build, transfer, break down, and visualize data using BigQuery and make a base knowledge of BigQuery architecture.