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Intellezy Trainers, Instructor - Gmail - A Complete Guide, Beginner

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A quick overview of email communication and etiquette on the Gmail platform.

This course will provide a quick overview of email communication and etiquette and give a comprehensive description of Gmail as a platform. 

Course Description

We will discuss navigation of the Gmail User Interface (UI) as well as the basics of email composition and inbox management. We will also discuss the general flow of email communication, from creating and formatting a good message to the different ways in which we can respond to a message. Finally, we will review the topic of integration in the G Suite and examine how Gmail connects to additional applications including Google Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, and Keep.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand the basics of email communication and why we use email vs IM or phone      
  • Understand Gmail as an email platform and how it connects to other G Suite apps (Calendar, Keep, Tasks)
  • Learn how to write a good email
  • Explore the Gmail UI and understand inbox management 
  • Comprehend general flow of email communication from beginning to send
  • Learn how to create and alter an email message
  • Learn how to attach files to messages
  • Understand how to organize your email inbox

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

General knowledge of computers and the internet.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Students wishing to learn to navigate the email platform. 


Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Module 2: Introduction to Gmail

Lecture 2 What is Gmail?
Lecture 3 How to Build a Great Message
Lecture 4 A Brief Tour of Gmail

Module 3: Creating, Formatting, and Sending Emails

Lecture 5 Creating a Message
Lecture 6 Formatting a Message
Lecture 7 Responding to a Message
Lecture 8 Attaching Files to a Message
Lecture 9 Overview of Email Proofreading

Module 4: Organizing your Mail

Lecture 10 Marking a Message
Lecture 11 Using Labels in Gmail
Lecture 12 Categories and Labels in Gmail
Lecture 13 Filtering a Message
Lecture 14 Handling Spam
Lecture 15 Archiving and Snoozing an Email

Module 5: Managing Contacts for Gmail

Lecture 16 Accessing and Creating Contacts
Lecture 17 Sorting and Merging Contacts
Lecture 18 Deleting Contacts and Contact Labels
Lecture 19 Importing and Exporting Contacts

Module 6: Gmail Integration Tasks, Calendar, and Keep

Lecture 20 What is Integration?
Lecture 21 Integrating Google Tasks
Lecture 22 Integrating Google Calendar
Lecture 23 Integrating Google Keep

Module 7: General and Advanced Setting in Gmail

Lecture 24 Using Settings: Configuring the Inbox
Lecture 25 Using Settings: General
Lecture 26 Using Settings: Labels
Lecture 27 Using Settings: Inbox
Lecture 28 Using Settings: Accounts
Lecture 29 Using Settings: Filters and Blocked Addresses
Lecture 30 Using Setting: Forwarding and POP/IMAP
Lecture 31 Using Settings: Add-Ons
Lecture 32 Using Settings: Chat, Offline, and Themes
Lecture 33 Using Settings: Advanced
Lecture 34 Advanced Settings: Multiple Inboxes and Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Module 8: Conclusion

Lecture 35 Course Recap

Module 9: Final Assessment Quiz - Gmail: A Complete Guide, Beginners

Lecture 36
Quiz 1 Final Assessment Quiz - Gmail: A Complete Guide, Beginners