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Intellezy Trainers, Instructor - Access 2019 - Beginner

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Introduction to the new features of Ms Access 2019!

  • Gain basic familiarity and understanding of MS Access functions and components. 
  • Navigate and work with tables, understand and work with queries.
  • Review and work with various reports and reporting features.

Course Description

This course is an introduction to Microsoft Access 2019. In this course, students will become familiar with various database components, concepts, and terminology. Students will tour the user interface, create databases, create objects, perform calculations, navigate and work with tables, understand and work with queries, review and work with various reports and reporting features, and review forms and the various tools that go along with them. This course will give the student the required knowledge to complete the Access 2019 Intermediate course.

What am I going to get from this course?

Basic familiarity and understanding of MS Access functions and components. 

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

Basic computer skills. Knowledge of basic database concepts is helpful but not required. 

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Anyone looking to increase Access knowledge and database program understanding. 


Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Module 2: Getting Started with Access

Lecture 2 What is a Database?
Lecture 3 Understanding Database Terminology
Lecture 4 Navigating the Access Interface
Lecture 5 What is a Flat File Database?
Lecture 6 What is a Relational Database?
Lecture 7 Relating Tables
Lecture 8 Reviewing the Access Ribbon

Module 3: Working with Data

Lecture 9 Working with Tables
Lecture 10 Navigating Tables
Lecture 11 Editing Data
Lecture 12 Adding New Records
Lecture 13 Using Subdatasheets

Module 4: Creating Databases and Objects

Lecture 14 Understanding Database and Table Design Principles
Lecture 15 Using Table Data Sheet View
Lecture 16 Working with Field Data Types
Lecture 17 Using Table Design View
Lecture 18 Using Calculated Fields
Lecture 19 Calculating Dates
Lecture 20 Calculating Strings
Lecture 21 Using the Lookup Wizard
Lecture 22 Lookup Wizard Linking Tables
Lecture 23 Using Indexes

Module 5: Working with Queries

Lecture 24 What are Queries?
Lecture 25 Creating Simple Queries
Lecture 26 Understanding the Dynaset
Lecture 27 Entering Criteria: Exact Match and Range Operators
Lecture 28 Understanding AND Versus OR
Lecture 29 Using Wild Cards
Lecture 30 Using Key Words
Lecture 31 Sorting and Hiding Fields
Lecture 32 Creating Multi-Table Queries
Lecture 33 Creating a Calculated Field in a Query
Lecture 34 Additional Tips

Module 6: Working with Reports

Lecture 35 What are Reports?
Lecture 36 Understanding Report Types
Lecture 37 Building Good Reports
Lecture 38 Using AutoReport
Lecture 39 Understanding the Report Wizard
Lecture 40 Using the Report Design View
Lecture 41 Printing Reports
Lecture 42 Creating Labels
Lecture 43 Additional Tips

Module 7: Working with Forms

Lecture 44 What are Forms?
Lecture 45 Understanding Form Types
Lecture 46 Creating Forms
Lecture 47 Navigating Forms
Lecture 48 Editing Data in Forms
Lecture 49 Understanding the Form Wizard
Lecture 50 Using the Form Design View
Lecture 51 Working with Controls
Lecture 52 Using the Form Layout View
Lecture 53 Additional Tips

Module 8: Conclusion

Lecture 54 Course Recap

Module 9: Final Assessment Quiz - Access 2019 Beginner

Quiz 1 Final Assessment Quiz - Access 2019 Beginner