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Ashutosh Pawar, Instructor - A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript

Ashutosh Pawar

The instructor has 5+ years of experience in providing software solutions to various industries like real estate, medicine & transportation. Skilled in many development languages including Java, C++ and Python ..

Instructor: Ashutosh Pawar

A step by step guide to learn JavaScript for beginners.

  • How to use JavaScript to manipulate web pages.
  • Write complex logic and algorithms in JavaScript. (No coding experience required)
  • Instructor has extensive experience and has successfully served hundreds of clients.

Course Description

This course covers all the basic concepts of JavaScript which will help you use it in your web projects. In the entire course, I explain each line of code, without skipping a single line of code. We also have a Special set of practice examples included at the end of each section which will give you enough practice.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Write JavaScript code.
  • Use JavaScript to manipulate web pages.
  • Make web pages highly interactive using JavaScript.
  • Write complex logic and algorithms in JavaScript.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • No prior coding experience is required.
  • Just need to have an active internet connection and a computer to write JavaScript code.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  •  Beginners to JavaScript.
  •  Students who have knowledge of other web technologies and want to learn JavaScript.
  •  Students who wish to become a JavaScript developer.
  •  Students who want to learn all the basics of JavaScript.


Module 1: JavaScript Basics

Lecture 1 Installing required tools
Lecture 2 Hello World in JavaScript
Lecture 3 Multiple ways of displaying output
Lecture 4 Variables in JavaScript
Lecture 5 Operations in Javascript
Lecture 6 Case sensitivity in JavaScript
Lecture 7 DataTypes in JavaScript
Lecture 8 Coding Challenge 1
Lecture 9 Coding challenge 1 (Solution)
Lecture 10 Coding Challenge 2
Lecture 11 Coding challenge 2 (Solution)

Module 2: Functions

Lecture 12 Functions
Lecture 13 Passing arguments to functions
Lecture 14 Objects in JavaScript
Lecture 15 Global and local variables
Lecture 16 Events in JavaScript
Lecture 17 Coding Challenge 3
Lecture 18 Coding challenge 3 (Solution
Lecture 19 Coding Challenge 4
Lecture 20 Coding challenge 4 (Solution)

Module 3: Strings, Numbers & Arrays

Lecture 21 String length & escape characters
Lecture 22 String methods in JavaScript
Lecture 23 Number methods in JavaScript
Lecture 24 Math functions in JavaScript
Lecture 25 Arrays
Lecture 26 Array methods
Lecture 27 Coding Challenge 5
Lecture 28 Coding challenge 5 (Solution)
Lecture 29 Coding Challenge 6
Lecture 30 Coding challenge 6 (Solution)

Module 4: Conditional Statements & Comparison Operators

Lecture 31 If conditional statements
Lecture 32 AND & OR operators in JavaScript
Lecture 33 Coding Challenge 7
Lecture 34 Coding challenge 7 (Solution)
Lecture 35 Coding Challenge 8
Lecture 36 Coding challenge 8 (Solution)

Module 5: Looping & Switching

Lecture 37 For loop
Lecture 38 While Loop
Lecture 39 Switch case
Lecture 40 Coding Challenge 9
Lecture 41 Coding challenge 9 (Solution)
Lecture 42 Coding Challenge 10
Lecture 43 Coding challenge 10 (Solution)

Module 6: Regular Expressions & Exception Handling

Lecture 44 Regular expressions
Lecture 45 Exception handling
Lecture 46 Coding Challenge 11
Lecture 47 Coding challenge 11 (Solution)
Lecture 48 Coding Challenge 12
Lecture 49 Coding challenge 12 (Solution)

Module 7: Best Practices & Coding Conventions

Lecture 50 Hoisting in JavaScript
Lecture 51 JavaScript coding conventions
Lecture 52 JavaScript best practices
Lecture 53 Coding Challenge 13
Lecture 54 Coding challenge 13 (Solution)
Lecture 55 Coding Challenge 14
Lecture 56 Coding challenge 14 (Solution)

Module 8: HTML DOM

Lecture 57 HTML DOM
Lecture 58 DOM methods
Lecture 59 Accessing elements by tag name
Lecture 60 Changing styling of HTML tags
Lecture 61 Events in DOM
Lecture 62 Event listner
Lecture 63 Introduction to nodes
Lecture 64 Adding HTML elements using nodes
Lecture 65 Deleting nodes
Lecture 66 Coding Challenge 15
Lecture 67 Coding challenge 15 (Solution)
Lecture 68 Coding Challenge 16
Lecture 69 Coding challenge 16 (Solution)

Module 9: HTML BOM

Lecture 70 Introduction to BOM
Lecture 71 Getting access to webpage URL

Module 10: JavaScript Project Simple Interest Calculator

Lecture 72 Simple Interest Calculator Part - 1
Lecture 73 Simple Interest Calculator Part - 2

Module 11: Conclusion

Lecture 74 Conclusion Lecture