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AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

Introduction to Python

Veysel Kocaman

Learn the most popular programming language of Data Science community

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining

Object Oriented Python/Performance Optimization

David Sanchez

Learn object oriented design patterns and strategies for optimizing performance.

Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Predicting Sports Outcomes Using Python and Machine Learning

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Sports betting and web crawling using Python and machine learning

Finance (Banking, Financial and Insurance), AI & Machine Learning

Quantitative Trading with Python

Harshit Tyagi

Get started with quantitative analysis to develop & backtest trading strategies.

AI & Machine Learning, Business

Hands-on Project - Data Preparation, Modeling & Visualization

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Hands-on Projects, Including Data Preparation, Modeling & Visualization Tasks.

Data Science / Data Mining, Data Visualization Training

Data Science in Practice - An Online Bootcamp

Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Cheema, Dr. Chan Naseeb, Dr. Zubair Nawaz, Dr. Mohammed Kamran Malik

A hands-on and end-to-end Data Science Program

AI & Machine Learning, Robotics

Supervised Learning - Linear Regression in Python

Charles Arthur

Modeling linear data with statistics and Machine Learning


Natural Language Processing

Burak Yoldemir

A hands-on and practical course on making machines understand the way we speak. Instructor holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a focus on machine learning and data analysis.


Data Science for Sports Injuries Using R, Python, and Weka

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Learn data science by working on real-world problems on sports injury prediction

AI & Machine Learning

Model Assessment in Machine Learning

David Sanchez

Methods for Evaluating Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Models

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science / Data Mining, Analytics

Supervised Learning: Classification

Dr. Rukmini Vijaykumar

Classification Methods, Algorithms and Tools

Big Data

Comprehensive Pig

Ellie Ordway

An In-depth Training for Apache Pig

AI & Machine Learning

Graph Models for Deep Learning

Dr. Stephen Huff

An executive review of hot technology

AI & Machine Learning

Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence

Andreas Haja

Learn how to take informed decisions based on probabilities and expert knowledge

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